1976. Jaws is playing at the movie theater, ABBA clogs the radio, and nine-year-old Kevin Garrick is growing up in Lumley, a town not so small that everyone knows everybody else, but small enough that most people know a little bit of everything that goes on.

Kevin loves living in Lumley. He loves his friends. He loves the two-storied house he calls home. He even loves his peculiar younger brother, the one who thinks he’s a horse.

But Kevin’s happy world is about to fracture and he will need to be brave in order to stand against the changes that threaten everyone he loves. In doing so he will learn how hard it is to cling to hope when surrounded by loss, and that sometimes love and sorrow go hand-in-hand.

Finding Home is a funny, poignant, and absorbing tale of childhood and small town life, equal parts gothic and light—a story about losing home and finding it again.

“Finding Home is my first published novel and, although it isn’t autobiographical, it’s based in the time and place I grew up and features elements taken from my childhood. It is a slice-of-life family drama, set in the 1970s, but with timeless themes. It’s a stand-alone tale and not a part of The Mythic series. Yes, Finding Home really did win a national book award! You can read about that here.”
DC Sheehan

Finding Home (in paperback) is available to purchase. These are the remaining copies from the original 1996 print run and cost only NZ$14.99, which includes local postage New Zealand-wide. If you’re outside Aotearoa and want me to quote on the cost of shipping then please just ask. If you’d like a copy email  I’ll happily sign the copy for you and leave a personal message of your choosing.