Choose the Next Sebastian Grieve Title!

The Sebastian Grieve set of books is my series-within-a-series. It’s a tribute to/roasting of young adult/fantasy fiction, intended to homage everything from The Famous Five to Harry Potter to, well, my own books.

Part One of my upcoming novel The Mythic and the Rosetta Engine includes a reference to the next Sebastian Grieve instalment but I couldn’t decide which title I liked best!

I provided six potential titles. Voting was close at first but in the last few days the winner opened up a lead and won convincingly. And that winner was…Sebastian Grieve and the Riddle of the Infinite Room! Three other titles tied for second. And I learned that nobody knows what the word “trenchant” means…

Thank you so much to everyone who voted. The winning title will be dropped into Part One and I’ll now have to come up with a plot and cover for it!

Here are the final rankings, in case you’re interested:

Sebastian Grieve and the Riddle of the Infinite Room   36.6%
Sebastian Grieve and the Road of Mirrors   18.18%
Sebastian Grieve and the Eternity Chair   18.18%
Sebastian Grieve and the Solder Soldier   18.18%
Sebastian Grieve and the Trenchant Magus   9.09%

I’m sad to say Sebastian Grieve and the Wooden Eagle got no votes. Not a single one! I kind of feel sorry for it so you may see that title pop up in the next novel in some form! I do love an underdog…