Book One of The Mythic Series

The Mythic

Fantasy just got real!

Foul-mouthed and short-tempered fifteen year-old Lucy Knight hates just about everything. She especially despises the fantasy books adored by her only friend Amber. And Lucy is nothing like the attractive, thin, plucky teenagers that star in those tales.

However, Lucy is revealed to be the Mythic, a human chosen to stand guard over The Dark, a powerful evil banished here from Aedea, a magical world right out of a classic legend, one that actually inspires our stories. Someone wants to set The Dark free and doing so will doom both worlds.

Lucy is on an odyssey without a map, compass, or change of underwear. Was the heroines’s journey meant to have this many dead ends? Aren’t saviour-types like her meant to save people, not kill them? And surely magical sidekicks aren’t actually meant to kick you?

Make no mistake, while this is a fantasy quest, the danger waiting at the end is deathly real. Only Lucy Knight can save us all from total annihilation. We are totally skegged!

“It all begins here, and by “it” I mean creepy snake-people, murderous clowns, a grumpy blue minotaur, an irksome talking pig, betrayals (note the plural), the best cat character ever created, the filthiest swear words you’ve never heard before, plus Saturday detention. The Mythic is the best first book in The Mythic Series. Buy it or I kill the pig. Actually, I kill him really soon after he’s introduced, he’s that annoying. You’ll want to buy this book just to see him die.”
DC Sheehan