Book Four of The Mythic Series


Everything is political!

Lucy has finally accepted her destiny as the Mythic and improved her relationship with her father. She’s even lost some weight. So, of course, it’s time for something terrible to happen.

Magic is leaking into our world from Aedea, bringing with it death and destruction. Lucy must seek the help of the Illustrious Lie, the council that rules that other world, to uncover the source of this threat. Lucy’s faced down all manner of monsters, but red tape might be the one beast she can’t defeat.

Even working alongside the most powerful magicians of Aedea, can Lucy overcome the chaotic magic tearing our world apart? Which of them is the traitor who wants to see Lucy fail? Why is someone trying to assassinate Big Bear? And who is the shocking mastermind behind it all?

Someone will pay the ultimate price to save our world—will that someone be Lucy Knight?

Lucy destroys the Statue of Liberty—but it threw the first punch. We learn a lot more about the lands of Aedea and their leaders learn just how stubborn Ms Knight can be. There is a scene in this book that is guaranteed to make you cry. And don’t assume I won’t kill off my lead character. The books are called ‘The Mythic and…’ not ‘Lucy Knight and…’! No one is safe! Except Big Bear, he’s immortal. Or is he? Bwhahahaha! No, of course Big Bear doesn’t die, but everybody else is on the table.”
DC Sheehan