Book Two of The Mythic Series

The Mythic and the Horses of Doom

Here she goes again!

In The Mythic Lucy Knight saved both Earth and Aedea, so she’s due some down time, right? Wrong!

Someone has awakened the Horses of Doom, and those perilous ponies won’t stop until our world is destroyed!

Who is the mastermind behind this scheme, and what is their ultimate goal? Can Lucy and her friends collect the items needed to overcome the Horses of Disease, Famine, and War? Wait, that’s only three Horses? If they’re the inspiration for the Four Horsemen then isn’t there one missing…?

Who is the mysterious group that appears in Hearth searching for the Mythic? What awful name have they chosen for themselves? Truly, it is terrible! What deadly dangers await Amber and Henry’s scavenger hunt in Aedea? And, most importantly, will Lucy find a date for Hearth High’s annual Cheese Ball?

Lucy will stare death in its long face to again save two worlds, but this time it’s her heart that may suffer most of all.

“This one has it all: a balloon made out of skin, short blue people called Snuffs, the Mona Lisa getting trashed, a meet-cute in a supermarket, Lucy in a battle of wits (it goes the way you imagine), the truth behind the inspiration for Romeo and Juliet, and so many deaths. My husband thinks this is the best book in the series and he’s always right.”
DC Sheehan