Kia ora! Bonjour! WELCOME TO MY WORLDS!

Welcome to my website! Here you can read all about me and my work. So come in, have a wander around, and if you haven’t already, buy my books. Because whole-point-of-website. Well, not the whole point but…actually, no that’s pretty much it.

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If you’re here to read more about The Mythic Series then there’s a lot here to explore. All the characters, objects, and locations in the books have a story and in Behind The Mythic I unpick those details to show how the final product came to be. 

In my Blog you’ll find longer pieces related to my writing process and creativity in general. In particular, I’ve written about the journey that lead to me The Mythic Series

You can help me spread the word by recommending them to your family, friends, enemies…you get the idea. 

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If you want an overview of The Mythic Series – my fantasy-meets-reality take on the legendary hero’s quest – then head to the Series’ main page. You can then explore each book in detail and the BUY buttons will take you to Amazon so you can snap up your copy.

Why all the welcomes?

Just in case you were wondering whether there is a meaning I chose the three languages in my greeting, there is – just like in The Mythic Series those details are there for specific reasons. 

Māori/te reo is the indigenous language of my home – Aotearoa New Zealand and “kia ora” is an appropriately informal way to greet you into this—my space. Le française is the only foreign language in which I’m vaguely capable – c’est la raison pour le Cat-lish. And English is the other language of which I have a rudimentary grasp.

Lastly, thank you!

Thank you for visiting. I joke a lot, but you could be anywhere doing anything else right so I truly appreciate you being here.

A Short, Witty BioGRAPHY OF DC SHEEHAN Written in The Third Person

DC Sheehan is the author of The Mythic Series of novels, but don’t ask him how many books are in the series because he hasn’t yet decided. Possibly nine? That’s his best guesstimate.

His novel Finding Home, won Best First Book of Fiction at the New Zealand Book Awards. He also has multiple credits for New Zealand television—both sitcom and drama—and for several years wrote a fortnightly newspaper humour column, but none of that won any awards. He was born and lives in Aotearoa New Zealand. He reads a lot of comics and non-fiction about things like politics and history. He doesn’t have a favourite colour because that wouldn’t be fair to the other colours. He does have a favourite super-hero—Wonder Woman. Because Wonder Woman. 

He loves cats, Eurovision and 1980s music, horror movies, and the Oxford comma—not necessarily in that order. He quite likes writing about himself in the third person.

What People Are Saying About DC Sheehan

DC Sheehan is a thief! He stole my life and put it in his books. I am preparing a law suit alleging copyright and trademark infringement, along with passing off, IP appropriation, and general awfulness.
That said, I am not on nearly enough pages so please write in and request he rectify that. Also send food. And silver. Lots and lots of silver. Also food.
Big Bear
Cat, Adventurer, Savant
I wrote The Hero of a Thousand Faces which I know DC Sheehan started but then he stopped reading half-way through because it's kind of boring. In hindsight it could have probably benefitted from some car chases, an unsolved murder, or a musical number. I'll do better next time.

Disclosure: This may not be the real Joseph Campbell.
Joseph Campbell
While I'm not known to limerick, they rhyme and there's a first time for every trick. There once was a man named DC
Who composed a book starring me.
When on him my gloves get
Wish me he'd not met.
I'll make him Sweet Town's VIP.
The Mad Catter
Insane Tyrant
How many more of these fake references do I have to write? I'm not sure if they're even that funny. But thanks to everyone who read these so for being so diligent here's a secret—the initials for the title of Book Sevem are T.M.A.T.G.O.T. Tmatgot looks like the name of a Pokemon, right? If I told you there was a Pokemon called "Tmatgot" you'd believe me.
DC Sheehan
Literary Hack