Book Five of The Mythic Series


New mission! Same old problems!

It all begins again here! The perfect jumping on point for new readers!

After the tragic events of The Mythic and the Illustrious Lie, Lucy Knight has rebuilt her life and found a new purpose; protect our world from the Aedean threats trapped here with the fall of the bridge between the two worlds.

She’s still aided by her Aedean allies—Henry the surly minotaur and Big Bear, now an immortal flying kitten. However, Lucy’s best friend Amber has become a shut-in, obsessed with re-activating the magical staff she obtained in Book Four. Not even the release of the newest Sebastian Grieve novel can draw Amber’s attention. But Lucy needs all the help she can get because someone else is also collecting Aedean objects and will kill anyone who gets in their way, including our beloved Fictorial Four.

Where in the world has Lucy set up shop? Who is the mysterious Vikram Varma-Khan who shows up at her door, knowing she is the Mythic? What giant secret about one of our core quartet’s past will be revealed? It’s a jaw-dropping-this-changes-everything shocker (although there was a clue to it all the way back in Book One)! And that secret’s not even the most jaw-dropping revelation that happens in this book!

The Mythic and the Rosetta Engine will have Lucy and her friends reeling from one shock after another in this epic tale. Lucy will be confronted with the greatest threat she’s ever faced—someone will challenge her to take over the role of the Mythic. And that’s just the start of her problems!

“You will not believe how many twists I can fit into one book but then you’ll read The Mythic and the Rosetta Engine and be all ‘I do believe it!’. I’ve buried a bunch of secrets in The Mythic Series and in The Mythic and the Rosetta Engine I’ll unearth some of the biggest! Plus I introduce a brand new character called Vikram who I adore and I know you will too—and no, he’s not a secret villain. I love him too much to make him a baddie…or is that what I just want he and you all to think? No, Vik isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t trust anyone else who turns up! Also, Big Bear wants to know where his yoga mat is. Seriously, it’s an issue.

DC Sheehan