Book Three of The Mythic Series


I want candy! No, that’s too much candy!

Lucy Knight is balancing the extraordinary demands of being the Mythic with the demands of her ordinary life. These include a deadbeat father hitting rock bottom, a soulless part-time job, and the ongoing hell that is high school.

What secret from the past will resurface to disrupt her already chaotic life? Where and when will she find answers about her Mythic heritage? Who from Aedea is relentlessly hunting Lucy and Amber no matter where they run? And where in Aedea are they destined to land? Hint: it’s called “Sweet Sorrow” so it’s probably nowhere good!

Lucy and Amber will find their friendship tested as they struggle to survive the horrors of Sweet City. Can Big Bear and Henry, along with a mysterious handsome stranger, co-operate long enough to save them? What is the stranger’s connection to Lucy’s past and Henry’s future? And what the skeg is cheddar cider?

Lucy has has already saved the world, twice, but this time she will need to overcome her greatest challenge yet—herself!

“If you love horror movies then you’ll adore this book. It has a creepy puppet bounty hunter, a swim through a sewer, zombie Gingerbread Men, and something called a Sorting Mat (yes, it’s exactly what you think it is). If you don’t love horror movies then the non-scary stuff includes a trip back in time, a lot of rhyming, and a pirate ship that sails a sea of ice. This book carries a disclaimer: I do awful things to the Care Bears!”
DC Sheehan