I’m Not Much Into Health Food Or Why Escape (The Piña Colada Song) Isn’t The Trifling Novelty Tune You Think It Is

Although it’s often written off as a goofy novelty song, Escape is a remarkable piece of writing, succinctly painting a picture of domestic drudgery on par with the driest Woody Allen observational comedy. This fable about a dying marriage has unexpected depths. Just how alluring is the the text of the personal ad that seduces the narrator? And learn how the titular cocktail was a late addition to the lyrics.


A Voyage To My Father

I spent years blaming my father for our distant relationship, telling myself that he didn’t ‘know’ me.
But it wasn’t his fault. Dad didn’t know me because I’d never given him the chance. When he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer I decided to change that.


5 Reasons…All Fictional Characters Have Super Powers

Some fictional characters are dubbed “super heroes” because their abilities outstrip others in their world. But compared to we mere non-fictionals every character in fiction is extra-ordinary. From extreme resilience to harm both physical and emotional to the ability not to poop, read five reasons every fictional character is super.

Thriller by Michael Jackson LP and cover.

Celebrating…Michael Jackson’s Thriller (40 years old today)

The success of the biggest selling album of all time began three years earlier. Prior to 1979’s Off The Wall, Michael Jackson was most famous for being part of The Jacksons, even though over the course of the 1970s he had released four solo albums and 13 singles, including the US #1 international hit Ben. However, Off The Wall was Jackson’s first “adult” record, the 21-year-old keen to produce something grown up that sounded different from the music he was making with his brothers.


Harry Potter and the Closet of Secrets or How JK Rowling Failed In Giving The World a Gay Hero

JK Rowling has become a troubling figure for many LGBTQI+ folk. I know Potter fans who have been stuck in a fierce struggle, trying to reconcile their cooling feelings for the author with their connection to a world they loved, to someone they gave rainbow credit for announcing in 2007 that her creation Albus Dumbledore was gay.
I’m not among those struggling. I’ve not read any of Rowling’s books. I’ve never been more than a casual fan of the Potter films. I’ve never idolised their author. And I never thought she should be given any rainbow credit for Dumbledore’s homosexuality because Dumbledore is not gay.

Transgender flag

Get Your Hands Off The T or Why I Cannot With Rainbow Transphobia

Some of the worst opposition to trans rights comes from within the rainbow, including groups like the LGB Alliance who see themselves under threat from “new ideologies” and have literally dropped the T from the traditional acronym.
Their agenda is just the same old exclusionary message, wrapped up in rainbow-rights drag, the very same things I’ve fought against my whole life. To all trans people: I get it. I’m with you. How can I help?


5 Reasons…I Won’t Instagram My Life

I recently joined Instagram in an attempt to up my social media game. Given that I’m incredibly anti-social and I have little in the way of “game” you can imagine how well it’s been going.
I don’t have any issues of people making a living from their face or body. But while I’ve jumped onto Instagram you won’t find me posting pictures of myself or my life on there as a matter of course and here are five reasons why.



My mother was exceedingly modest and very self-deprecating, someone who often described herself as “stern” yet had a wonderful wit and deep compassion.
She was the strongest person I’ve ever known and I miss her terribly.
A tribute to Verna May Sheehan – 19 June 1929-1 November 2020.


The Secret to My Lack of Success or How I Deal With Feelings of Failure

Writing novels is like running a marathon, and every step provides the temptation to simply stop.
Writing a series of novels, and being a relatively unknown who doesn’t make a living from his writing, turns that temptation into a daily struggle with feelings of failure.
So how do I keep going? Why do I keep going? And why doesn’t being actually called a failure, something that recently happened, hurt me?


Dear Cancellation Committee or Four Cartoon Characters Who Need To Be Terminated Immediately

Dear Cancellation Committee,
Thank you for your efforts in cancelling that awful Dr Seuss. Yes, I know it was the copyright holders who simply decided to stop publishing only six books nobody had ever heard of before, and that until relatively recently the publishers were completely happy for such racism to see print, but your work is still much appreciated by a woke, politically correct, hater-snowflake like myself.
Further to this, I would like to submit the following cartoon characters for immediately cancellation.


Vote for the Next Sebastian Grieve Title!

The Sebastian Grieve set of books is my series-within-a-series.
Part One of my upcoming book The Mythic and the Rosetta Engine includes a reference to the next Sebastian Grieve installment but I need your help! I’ve come up with too many great titles and I can’t choose the one I like best.
Please help me out by voting for your favourite!


DC Sheehanigans or Who is Dom Shaheen?

Why did I publish my first novel as “Dominic Sheehan” and The Mythic Series as “DC Sheehan”?
Who is this “Dom Shaheen” that is mentioned in the copyright notice on my website?
Come learn the stories behind my names. This tale has everything: 19th century racism, full stops, falcons, the overthrow of the monarchy in Egypt, anagrams, and paperwork!